Develop the education of the future

We enable educational institutions to develop and organize educational processes based on their educational vision

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What we do

We make smart and innovative (web) applications which empower educational institutions to improve their organisational processes. With our solutions, we enable educational institutions to streamline and automate the organisational chain from educational development up until the educational operation.

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Our products

Academy Attendance

Academy Attendance is an application which easily and effectively manages student subscriptions, attendance registration and student evaluations from one central location.

With Academy Attendance, we streamline, automate and provide valuable insights & analytics to these processes.

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The entire curriculum in one place: from development to management to insight. SQill is the curriculum information system of the future which enables educational institutions the organize their education properly.

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Our core values


We are continuously improving and further developing our products based on the trends in the educational sector. As a client of Your Next Concepts, you will not receive a static product but a solution that will be updated frequently.


We find it important that our products align with the needs of our users. In order to do this, we periodically discuss current and future needs with our clients.

We also make sure to have an active and valuable user community. We engage our client community by organising user days, webinars and sparring sessions. We also have a help center and a support team who are there to answer all questions our clients have.

Centralizing education

The education itself always stands at the core of our products. We strife to develop applications based upon the educational vision of the institution and not the other way around.

Our client community