About us

What we stand for

At Your Next Concepts it is our mission to help educational institutions organise their education the way they envision it.

We know that each educational institution is slightly different and thereby each institution has some unique needs.  In order to provide solutions that can be tailored to these specific needs, we provide software that can be flexibly configured. This makes our software suitable for each individual case.

The story of Your Next Concepts

Your Next Concepts started out with the goal of making making better use of data in education. This idea started out when in 2014 Peter, Casper and Gijs won a pitch competition with the idea called "Your Next Course". Your Next Course is a tool that automatically advises students about possible follow-up courses at the university based on the data about the study behavior of previous students.

The realization of the application turned out to be more difficult than expected, especially because the data that was needed was not available or not structured. From here, Your Next Concepts started collecting educational data in a well structured manner. With our tool Academy Attendance, we started tracking student attendance. Academy Attendance has now grown into a system that does more than just register attendance. Educational institutions use the system to let students register for courses, classes and exams, but also to let students give direct feedback on their education.

Since the company has been founded, Your Next Concepts has carried out various projects that focus on streamlining educational processes and/or collecting and analyzing educational data. In 2019, this resulted in the development of our application SQill which records substantive educational information. SQill is used to both prepare education better and to give students and teachers more insight into the content of the study programs.

Our team

Peter Boot

Technical Lead

Gijs Boosten

Business Lead

Casper van Schuppen

Business Developer

Joost besseling

Software Developer

Maaike Wierda

Business Developer

Ryan Saebu

Software Developer

Ryan De Bruijne

Software Development

Jonathan de Gier

Software Developer

Rik van Toorn

Software Developer

Maurice van Loon

Software Developer