EduTasQ helps you to plan flexible education

With EduTasQ, education gets control on the educational planning. By bringing together curriculum and staff information and making them easily accessible, educational teams can start planning directly.


Educational planning is becoming more complex. EduTasQ helps educational institutions to keep a grip on their planning. By supporting both central and decentralized processes, EduTasQ adapts to the organization and the educational model.

Quickly load data

EduTasQ offers various options for loading the curriculum and staff information automatically. Either through  curriculum management or HR-systems or via Excel, ofcourse changes can be made afterwards.

Process supporting

EduTasQ supports every step of managing the load of the staff. From exchanging lecturers between programs all the way up to real time insight into the remaining hours.

Easy to use

Thanks to the modern interface, EduTasQ is intuitive to use. Without extensive training, you can quickly create the educational planning

Planning and scheduling together with the lecturers provides better schedules for students and makes sure that the schedule is more aligned with the educational model. That is our vision of our 'spot schedule' approach.


What is important in the schedule? This is the main question for schedulers. Based on this answers, we offer more than 15 checks out of the box. EduTasQ calculates in real-time what can or cannot be scheduled and lets the user choose the best option.

Planning made easy

With the clear interface and drag-and-drop structure, anyone can create a schedule. Due to the preconditions, you can immediately see what is possible and what is not, allowing you to create a suitable schedule for both the student and the teacher.

Insights from all perspectives

EduTasQ shows the results from all involved. This allows you to quickly see whether the 'spot schedule' is suitable for both the student and the teacher, fits in the available classrooms, and also whether it fits the intended curriculum.

Requesting availability is crucial for good scheduling. With EduTasQ, we make this as simple as possible for the teacher or supervisor.

Magic link

Requesting availability should be an easy process. Using a magic link  you easily request the availability without the need of login in.


Available/not available does not suffice in an era of hybrid education. With EduTasQ you decide which statuses are a possible answer.


Gain quick insight, as a team or as an institution, into when it is possible to schedule a meeting. EduTasQ will show you through a heatmap when lecturers will be available.

Technological details

Integration and linking options

Single Sign-on

Always log in with your own accounts, whether that is via SURFConext or via your own AD.

External systems

Links with external systems are possible through custom links and the available REST API of EduTasQ.

SQill & Academy Attendance

EduTasQ integrates seamlessly with other Your Next Concepts products such as SQill and Academy Attendance.


Automatic management of HR data such as appointment, leave and competencies.

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