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Structure the education of the future with SQill

Support flexible education by structuring the curriculum in one place.

Why SQill?

SQill supports the processes for changing and (re)developing curricula. This allows stakeholders to collaborate in a single source and maintain control over the accuracy and completeness of the curriculum, for example, by seeing how learning trajectories and study paths unfold and whether all learning outcomes are covered. SQill thus supports the transition to flexible education.

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How does SQill assist education?

SQill is specifically designed for flexible education and places the didactic concept and educational vision at the forefront.

Working from a single source

With SQill, the curriculum is no longer in separate files; instead, you work from a single source. This means you enter the information only once, reducing the risk of errors.

Control over the process

The annual revision or redevelopment of a curriculum requires effort from various stakeholders. SQill supports this process with workflows and notes, providing control over the process.

Insight into education

Everyone has access to the most up-to-date version of the curriculum. Use the search function to navigate the curriculum and create custom analyses. What previously required a day of Excel work is now achieved with the click of a button in SQill.

What sets SQill apart?

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Curriculum design

Support collaboration within a program by allowing multiple individuals to work simultaneously on the curriculum.

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Curriculum management

Streamline the curriculum management process with workflows and collaborate from one place.

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Provide stakeholders with insight by always displaying the most up-to-date version of the curriculum.

Publication environment



Single Sign-on

It's possible to easily log in with your own account, whether it's through SURFconext or via your own Active Directory (AD).

External systems

Connections with external systems are possible through custom integrations. SQill also features a full REST API and Event Based API.


SQill integrates with the LMS, enabling students and teachers to access the curriculum directly from there.

HR integration / SCIM

With SQill, there is automatic user management, ensuring that permissions and roles are automatically assigned.

Video SQill

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