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Facilitate flexible education with Academy Attendance

Manage everything related to enrollment, attendance tracking, and feedback with Academy Attendance.

Why Academy Attendance?

When offering choices for students and managing attendance, a lot of administration is involved. Academy Attendance simplifies this administration for secondary vocational education (mbo), higher education (hbo), and academic education (wo). By aligning attendance registration and administration with the educational format, time is saved, and communication can be automated. Academy Attendance provides the most versatile enrollment system for education, streamlining and automating processes related to administration and communication

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How does Academy Attendance support education?

Process optimization

Save time and increase reliability by optimizing processes. Work from a single source to prevent duplication of effort.

Insight into education

Make data easily accessible for students, teachers, and administration through personalized overviews, analytics, and associated filter options.

Improving academic success

Enhance education during the academic period by providing timely support to students and enabling roster planners and management to anticipate early.

What sets Academy Attendance apart?

Academy Attendance aanwezigheidsregistratie


Easily and reliably register and administer student attendance

Academy Attendance inschrijving


Manage the entire logistical process around student enrollments in an efficient and user-friendly manner

Academy Attendance feedback


Allow students to easily provide feedback on educational activities

Assessment planning

Streamline the process of creating an assessment schedule. In just three steps, the user can create a schedule. No more puzzles in Excel or endless emails about teacher availability. All of this is automated in Academy Attendance

Workspace reservations

Allow students and/or staff to easily sign up for a workspace on-site. All reservations are processed in real-time, ensuring both users and administrators always have insight into the number of available workspaces

Academy Attendance

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Academy Attendance integrates easily with other systems within the educational institution.

Learning Management Systeem

Manage all your education from one central location by integrating Academy Attendance into your LMS.

Schedule integration

With the schedule integration, changes in the timetable are automatically reflected in Academy Attendance, saving time and effort.

Student Information System

Pull student and group data directly from the SIS and write attendance results back seamlessly.

Single Sign-on capability

Academy Attendance is easy to use with institution login credentials via Single Sign-on, based on SAML.

Are you interested in the capabilities of Academy Attendance?

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